Case Study

Hotel Boss


Hotel Boss wanted to have an efficient WiFi solution that caters to the demands of a modern guest in need of a personalized service. They also wanted to have a system that optimise their existing TV, without the need to purchase a higher end commercial smart TV model. APPSTV delivers on all fronts, with DVBT-2 support, guests can now watch their favourite programs in digital format, a vast improvement to Analogue picture quality.  

APPSTV serves as a hotspot in the room, allowing the guest to achieve better Internet connectivity enabling them to enjoy their online activities. With this feature, the hotel can save costs as they need not install an additional Access Point in the rooms. With 1500 rooms in the hotel, this is a significant cost savings.

APPSTV digital signage allows hotel to broadcast important announcements in real time, display targeted promotional advertisement, digitize hotel information thereby enjoying cost savings due to a reduction in paper communication. All the information about the hotel and its restaurants, the daily activities on the premises and the latest movies can be accessed easily with a click. Guests can be entertained by apps such as Youtube & radio etc.

Image Credit: Hotel Boss Singapore

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