Case Study

Travelodge Hotel


Hotel is upgrading its network infrastructure and retrofitting the rooms with new LG Television.

Looking into solutions whereby guests can stream their own content from their mobile devices onto the hotel TV. The latter are wall mounted which makes it difficult to install any Set Top Box and still
maintain room aesthetics.

With our collaboration and partnership with LG, we are able to integrate our AppsTV content into their LG TV making it a boxless solution. The Chromecast dongle is easily and securely mounted behind the panel. The LG TV is transformed into an Interactive smart TV.

Hotel can now communicate with their guests through digital signage with updated cross selling
opportunities and send out important messages in real time. Guests can view all relevant hotel information at a click or relax while enjoying music videos from YouTube. They can now easily stream their favorite content from their own mobile apps to watch in the comfort of the hotel room without any complicated procedures to follow, resulting in increased guest satisfaction.

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